From 1990-1991, we found 15 year old Josh Davis on guitar and 16 year old Jeff Mouck on drums who were already friends and formed Viola Swamp after a character from a children's story.

This band was one of the most thoughtful bands that formed, not as fast and furious, but just as emotionally intense as in the past. The songs were deeply personal as we continued to grow as artists. Shawn's musical ability really shined through in this band. Unfortunately, Viola Swamp only lasted just over a year and Josh and Jeff were very young and itched to do other things just as we had done in the past.

Josh formed the Texas Blues band The Core, and then moved to the immensely popular Speedtrucker. Jeff played in many other local bands as well.

Look below for some pics, not many from this era.

Shawn, Jeff, Thomas and Josh

Full Length mp3s below
(in order of when they were written):

Shawn's song about making your own way Find a Way
Shawn's song about his childhood home Vancouver Song
Shawn's song inspired by orphans left behind Wednesday's Child
Thomas' song about self discovery and inner change Now
Thomas' song about heartbreak Grace
Shawn's song about a friend enduring an abusive relationship Forget My Words
Shawn's song about one's legacy left behind The Last Page

Thomas' song about his Grandfather  Forgotten Man
Thomas' song about Robin Hood  Robyn the Hood
Thomas' song about a fallen soldier laying alone  Soldier Victorious