March 2004 I added over 100 photos that had been faithfully kept by Denise Kelly for the past 10 years, then passed to me from Debbie when we lost Denise on November 26, 2003. Thank you Denise for caring, and thank you Debbie for sharing...

Full Length Songs:

New York City

Railroad Tracks

Throw em All Away

From 1992-1995, Shawn and I stuck it out and again hooked up with Eddie, the Drumming Tempomaster from Utopian who had been on a hiatus. It just fell into place that he came back to town at the right time! After looking at many excellent , but emotionally bleak guitar players, we found Scott Brooks through a mutual friend who became the second generation, mainstay guitar player of the band's history.

Neverclear was the new name, and the mystery was brewing (thus the name).

This band was very chaotic. Mind you, chaos is fun and interesting, but unless you're Willie Nelson, it wears on you after a few years. Finally, after being the only surviving original member of the group, and burned out, I quit. The group hired another bass player, kept gigging, but then broke up within a few months.

But wait! Core Strongoni is next