During the days of Utopian and Viola Swamp, we were writing songs like crazy. So many that we didn't have the time to learn them all. When one band broke up and molded into another, some songs did not get transferred over to the new bands because we wanted fresh material that was written with the new members influence and style in mind.These became the forgotten songs that I would end up humming in my head for the next 10 years.

I decided that I wanted to actually hear these songs, not to mention playing new material brings me Full Circle personally, so Full Circle begins. I play Bass, Guitar, Drums, Keyboard and Sing as well. There is no one in this "band" but me and I engineer the recording myself using a Mac and GarageBand. 

Songs I have recorded. Yes, they are not "tweaked" to perfection and probably will never be, I tend to move on to the next project too quickly, but you can crank em and they sound pretty good to me so Crank It!

  • A Breath of Lonliness - A song about not running from yourself. 1990
  • Trampled Rose - New Song. A cover of an Allison Krause song that was a cover of a Tom Waits song and sounds like neither. 2009
  • Coming Home - Generic Angry Ex Girlfriend Song. 2007
  • In Truth A Lie - Classic anti-establishment song from 1987
  • Life Will Lead - Psycho wrote the intro in 1985, I couldn't let it go and wrote the rest 20 years later.
  • Boonesfarm - (VIDEO) Warning of the evils of getting rich quick, only the second half of the song

Songs that only exist on these old practice tapes I found, and will be recorded Full Circle style someday soon.

Songs that have only existed on paper and in my mind for almost 30 years, and will also be recorded as soon as possible.

  • Sunday Best
  • Which of Two Edges
  • Blind Ambition
  • Red Knights of the Sky
  • A Battle of Wills