This was the first incarnation of us as a complete band clockwise from the top down... Jim Norris, Mike Bellamy, Thomas Miller, Brian Lewis and Robert Pizzaturo

From 1984-1985 and Jim, our first drummer, we named the band B.C. ..There wasn't anything satanic in it, it stood for "Before Chocolate" just to mess with people.

Jim was a driving force for us because he kept us playing when we would have otherwise quit for the day. Even though our fingers were blistered and sore, we kept at it. I would get out of school, go right to rehearsal at his house.

Jim's mom was very cool and let us have the master bedroom for our practice room/concert hall. We built a stage called "The Castle" from huge wires pools, a cardboard wall and had a staircase in front. The drum set sat inside the drawbridge. After a while we gained an audience, whether it was just from just a cool place to hang out or whether from us, it bonded some lifelong friendships.

We were still beginners at that point, but Jim booked us into clubs anyway, that was a real eye opener. It taught me about 'The Show Must Go On" even though the world was crashing down all around. Brian quit after the first two night gig at RASCALS because of stage fright the first night. (He comes back strong in EVIL with Psyche though). Since it was a two day gig, Jim, Psyche, and Robert took turns singing the songs on the second night, I wasn't even to try and sing. Some people ten years older than us said it was a joke, but I wonder what THEY were doing at our age???

Here are some full length mp3s, and some funny clips of us laughing at ourselves that second night on stage...

The Church
Mr. Crowley
Demons Don't Die

Funny mp3 clip of Psycho from the show
Funny mp3 clip of Robert from the show

Upon finding longtime singer Shawn, after a few months Jim was out. Jim was always the leader, but Shawn was also strong willed and they never saw eye to eye. Jim wouldn't give up the band for anything, until he got an offer from a big local band called Warlock, and he followed his stars, after Warlock, he moved to California and played with the Napoleon Blownaparts, and The Infamous Unknowns.

We had a revolving door second guitar spot that was filled by mainly Kevin and Robert. We also had a guy named Carl that was in just long enough to to play a couple of shows.