One day I realized that I was a common thread for all the bands in our group of friends throughout the years, and figured that I should lay it all down for posterity from the beginning, to the end and beyond all the bands and their related stories. There are full length mp3s from each band, and hundreds of photos so here we go:

In The Beginning... when the void had no form...

It all began in 1984 with Brian Lewis, who first suggested the idea of a band to me in Junior High school since I had taken drum lessons. I decided drums weren't for me, so I picked up the bass and agreed we should give it a whirl. Brian discovered Mike Bellamy, our guitar player. He was the first one in the band who really knew anything about music and how to play it. He was very gifted already. I wasn't any good, but I had the people around me that would push me to learn.

I remember a night on a hill we played guitar for hours contemplating chords and melodies along with the vagaries of life... Here is a clip from one of a very few recordings from late 1984 and the first recording of what would become the band.

Words of an ancient world

In 2007 I wrote a full song around this one clip, called Life Will Lead, but you'll have to read on to hear it!

We started out as a kid band, and when we got a drummer things got serious, as serious as they can be for 15 year olds...

Brian, Mike and Thomas move on to B.C.